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10.09.10 - Austria often is forgotten on the map of the european music scene. Whereas it surprises us with its young, dedicated bands again and again. Skaputnik is such a star again which has now managed to become known beyond the boundaries of their small country.

The young musicians from Wels won the International Live Award in Vienna in 2009 for a good reason. For it is not only the musical level, that‘s fine here. Also the arrangements are varied and with humor, the voice impresses with German lyrics, that put the lid on the specific features of Skaputnik. Some english songs prove the international approach of Skaputnik, while they remain sufficient courage to sing in their own dialect as well: „raz dwa tri“ It is not pure ska at all. But we want to allow them to go beyond the limits, as long as their crossover mix seems so diverse as on their self-titled album Skaputnik. For just five years of the bands history they did a great album. So we agree with the decision of the jury of the International Live Award and hope that the band will soon create an international breakthrough. If they play live as good as their debut promises, it should not be a problem at all


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